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I'm here to support you with acupuncture as you navigate the route along your fertility journey, to make recommendations, and provide a safe and calm space for dedicated relaxation time.
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Do you have a holistic practitioner looking after you yet? I would love to be part of your tribe. I'm dedicated to providing you with expert care as a Fertility Support Trained Acupuncturist, and, because I care.

Whether you are taking the first steps towards trying to get pregnant and would like to make it easier from the offset, or if you've been trying for a long time for a first or second child, or if you're starting IUI or IVF, I am able to help you.

Sometimes the road to becoming a parent feels incredibly unfair, stressful, exhausting, and all consuming. I've got your back.

About your Consultation

Your hour's long fertility acupuncture consultation allows me to find out about you and

 your general health, your medical history, your reproductive history, menstrual cycle, and mental health.


Some of this will be is a very personal level of questioning, such as as learning about your menstrual cycle and digestive system (periods and poo!). This is gold-dust diagnostic information for acupuncturists.


I will ask to see the results of all tests and investigations you've had. I'll check if you've had adequate investigatory work and I will make recommendations. I'll provide you with a report discussing my recommendations and lifestyle advice. 


Your Treatments

I'd like you to initially book in for at least three months worth of treatments, ideally weekly. Next best is biweekly, and so on. Please grab the regular appointment slots that suit your diary. It takes three months for lifestyle changes to have an impact on egg quality, as it takes around 3 months for an immature egg cell to be grown and ovulated. 

We'll continue to discuss lifestyle advice during your treatments, and we'll talk about your fertile signs and how to identify your fertile cervical mucous. We always begin with an update/mini consultation.

Your acupuncture treatment itself is chosen according to your specific health and where you are in your cycle each time. Acupuncture is a lovely relaxing and gentle treatment. 

If you are entering IVF, book in as early as you can before you start, ideally 4 to 6 months before. If you are new to me with support alongside FET, again I'd still like to see you a very good time before you begin.

What about when I get pregnant?

When you are pregnant expect to attend regularly until 12 weeks. My aim is to nourish you with acupuncture until at least your 12 week scan. Most of my clients then attend at least monthly until they have their baby.

Who is fertility acupuncture for?

I hope my clinic feels like a welcoming and non judgemental space for all women, men, non binary people, and people who identify as LGBTQ+. I also hope to provide a calm and safe space for people who have neurodivergence.

What area do you cover?

If you live in Banbury, Banburyshire, West Northamptonshire, South East Warwickshire or North Oxfordshire you will be near to me. 

Fertility Specific Training Courses Undertaken:
The learning never stops, fertility training, learning, and webinar attendance is a weekly if not daily part of my work. 

The Bridge, Fertility Support Training Conference, June 2023.

Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture, taught by Naava Carman,  January 2023 (find out what this means here)


Zita West Affiliated Fertility Acupuncture Network Training and Membership, 2010-2014

Abdominal-Sacral Massage Practitioner training, School of Abdominal Sacral Massage 2010

Understanding IVF (Acupuncture) Seminar by Jill Glover September 2008

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