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I believe that acupuncture should be

gentle, relaxing, and make you feel fantastic.

Acupuncture is a relaxing treatment which is tailored specifically to you and your complaints. Your treatment time is a valuable way to switch off from the stresses of life. 

Acupuncture is recommended for for the treatment of ongoing pain alongside your usual treatment. We know that acupuncture can have a positive effect on both endorphin release, and reducing stress; both these elements tone down the feelings of pain from our nervous system.

For musculoskeletal pain, I can find hotspots of muscle tension and use acupuncture here; often referred to as 'dry needling', I also like to use some classical acupuncture points further away from site of pain aimed at pain reduction. 

I like to work with my clients in a way they personally feel most comfortable; keeping it science-based, or, working very holistically by addressing energy imbalances.

Traditional acupuncture aims to help the body remedy itself. My original qualification, a degree in Five Element Acupuncture means that I like to pay attention to core imbalances which make up someone's constitution as well as addressing their symptoms. 

People frequently come to see me to have acupuncture for all sorts of pain, to reduce stress, and to support mental and emotional health alongside their usual treatment. Acupuncture for general wellbeing is a really nice treatment (you don't need to have ill health to experience the benefits of acupuncture). I particularly enjoy supporting people with acupuncture for fertility.

People are increasingly turning towards acupuncture to support them on their journey towards pregnancy and beyond. When pregnancy doesn’t come easily, having an acupuncturist there to support you through the monthly downs and alongside whatever fertility route you are taking, can be invaluable. I specialise in acupuncture for fertility and am currently doing further training in this topic.

Information for prospective new clients click here

Please note, due to Covid-19 we will have your consultation over the phone prior to your first treatment instead of face to face in clinic.
What happens when I first come for a treatment?

Firstly, please complete a registration form for me.


Secondly, we'll arrange a consultation over the phone. This is your chance to tell me all about the reason's you're coming for acupuncture and I can start your file. I'll ask you various questions to clarify what's important for you to get out of your treatment. I may ask you about the rest of your health and lifestyle.

When you come for treatment I'll welcome you into my cosy treatment room and we'll first touch base with a brief chat. 

I’ll leave the room to give you some privacy so that you can undress, keeping your underwear on, and then snuggle up comfy and warm under the sheet and blanket on the couch. If you do not want to get undressed, just let me know, I can instead choose points around your clothes. You'll remain covered over during your treatment with only body parts exposed which need to be. I have extra covers for draping. 

If you are coming for a holistic traditional acupuncture treatment, I will feel your pulses at your wrists. Traditional acupuncturists practise ‘pulse reading’ of both wrists, as each slightly different pulse position tells us about a different meridian in your body and whether it is weak or strong. I may also look at your tongue. I piece this information together with everything else to choose points.


If you are coming for issues around muscular pain, I will clarify the location with you, and I may look at your posture. We'll talk about movement strategies for self-help.


You are in control of your treatment, I can adapt what I am doing to suit you, I can work in a range of ways.

Receiving Acupuncture, what does it feel like?

This is so difficult to explain and understand until you’ve experienced it.


Does it hurt?... The answer is; no but sort-of yes.


Let me tell you about my needling practise… I feel for the acupuncture point first with my finger, you may notice I hold it for quite a while. What I’m doing is making sure that I’ve ‘got’ the point (which feels like a shallow dip and feels tingly). I ask you to breathe in, then breathe out, and the super-fine needle is gently inserted very very shallowly.

This is the important part… did I feel that I 'got' the point, did you ‘feel’ it? Did it feel like a tingle or a rush or a tiny sting? If not, I'll do it again with a fresh sterile single-use needle.  Because believe it or not, if the point is missed, the client sometimes doesn’t feel it at all.

If I am working with Traditional Acupuncture with you, I am looking for the bang centre of the acupuncture point. If you imagine a teeny-tiny dart board, I am looking for that bullseye;  the spot that will maximise that point. For me, this is very important. After the point is in you are likely to immediately forget it’s even in there, it’s over in a flash. You may feel it buzzing or feel interesting sensations around your body, or you may feel nothing. 

After your acupuncture points are in and working away, you can just relax. Feel free to snooze! I may ask you some more questions.

What happens at subsequent treatments?

These last 50 minutes to an hour, we’ll always begin with a mini consultation where you can update me, and then you’ll have your treatment. Relax and enjoy.

How many treatments will I need?

If we are dealing with a simple acute problem, we may be looking at 4-6 treatments. For something complex and persistent we may be looking at 6-10 treatments to begin to feel better. Ideally you will come twice a week or once a week to begin with, and then look to space these treatments out. To stay on top of a complaint you may be recommended to attend monthly thereafter.

Acupuncture works cumulatively, so when trying to initially remedy a complaint you may feel a little better after the first treatment, then a little more better after the second, etc. What you don’t want to happen is to wait for that slight benefit after the first treatment to wane and go back to square one before coming back, otherwise you are not getting any of that cumulative benefit. Acupuncture doesn’t work for everything and everyone, and if after a few treatments you’re not feeling any benefit at all, I will be honest with you and advise you that you may want to spend your money on a different therapy instead.

Everyone's needs are different, I am not going to pressure you to book in regularly. I have people who choose to come every week on an ongoing basis because it benefits them so much, and I have people who come once a year because they’re generally well but just want an annual top-up of acupuncture. 

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