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Aftercare Information

Aftercare Advice

After each session, please follow the aftercare advice below for 12-24 hours where possible.

  • Avoid a lot of tea and coffee

  • Avoid very hot spicy foods

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Drink plenty of water or herbal tea (but never excessively more than your normal fluid intake)

  • Ventilate the car on the drive home as you may feel sleepy

  • Avoid strenuous exercises

  • Eat light meals- and please make sure you DO eat

  • Rest and relax as much as possible

  • Avoid saunas

  • Take note of how you feel after the treatment and in the week afterwards. This can be useful to me in formulating your treatment plan.


Potential Reactions to Treatment


You are most likely to feel relaxed, calm, happy, and fantastic after a treatment.


Sometimes we may experience very temporary reactions to massage or acupuncture such as;

  • Increased urination

  • Very temporary outbreak of a condition that has been suppressed

  • Lethargy/ tiredness

  • Feeling faint or nauseous- most likely if you haven’t eaten before a treatment (ie skipped breakfast or lunch)

  • Emotional release; feeling sad or angry, to then clear to feeling good.

  • Change in menstrual flow

  • Headache- most likely if you haven’t hydrated yourself prior to your treatment.

  • Disturbed sleep patterns

  • Temporary lowering of blood pressure

  • Post-massage muscle ache- if you get a lot of this I need to make the massage lighter next time.

  • Bruising from massage- this should never happen, and the massage needs to be a lot lighter next time.

  • Bruising from acupuncture- this is unlikely. Please follow the advice below:


Bruising, Acupuncture; It is rare to get a bruise from acupuncture when using the very fine needles that I use. When it does happen it is normally minor and smaller than a 20p size. If you get a bruise, apply gentle pressure and try to cool the bruise to constrict the blood vessels and prevent further bruising. Tip: a teaspoon that has been kept in the fridge is perfect to press against an acupuncture bruise.

If a large bruise appears, please contact your GP or telephone 111 NHS immediately, and contact me.


If you feel too sleepy to drive home, don’t. Have a snack and sit in your car with windows open until you feel more alert.


If you are ever concerned about how you are feeling, please call or text me.

Also let me know when you feel amazing after a treatment. I love hearing your feedback!

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